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Justin Bentley

Welcome to justinbentley.net

I'm Justin, a Web Developer with many years of experience in the industry and host to over 10 of my own sites on AWS.

I am confident that the websites I create will provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for users. I am excited to continue creating and hosting more exceptional websites in the future.

Would you like to see some sites I've created?

Would you like to know a bit about me?

Since completing a Bachelor of Software Engineering in 2019 my whole life has been Web Development.

I have worked for a few web development firms and have become familiar with the Team Development environment and the Agile Methodology.

Also, as you can see above I have made alot of Websites. I am familiar with a large variety of different technologies, different types of website's and different styles.

Why do I have so many Websites?

After I started working as a Web Developer it became apparent to me that there was so much more to learn than I had first thought and so much more than was taught at Uni.

I felt an urgent need to become an expert in my field so as I had done before at Uni I 'learned from doing'.

So I rented a server on AWS, watched every LinkedIn learning course I could and built, built, built.

This taught me everything about Web including the finer details like Server Config, DNS and HTTPS Certificates, SEO, and a necessity for me which is Security as I extensively use databases and I would consider it a big disapointment if a Uni friend was to let me know I have been comprimised.