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Comparator Circuit drawn by hand
Digital Electronics;

Introduction to Computer Engineering;

Did you know that C++, C, Common Business Orientated Language (COBOL), FORTRAN, BASIC (and even Java) and all other languages like that are all known as high-level languages as the term low-level language has already been coined by Assembly?

Although despite long since being standardized and static there is something that is beneath and perhaps unsurprisingly called by Assembly via Machine that is ofcourse, blocks of uniform Circuitry;

Comparator Circuit in Logisim

This is a Digital (state based binary) Circuit known as a Comparator (Same as the hand drawn image at the top of this page), its function is to compare inputs and identify whether they are higher, lower or equal.

This particular instance compares three bit values X₂X₁X₀ to Y₂Y₁Y₀ with the leftmost bit being most significant (X₂ weighs more than X₁, specifically double).

The Circuit Design program is Logisim.

AND OR NOT ANSI Symbol's & Truth Table's

These are the basic building blocks of Digital Circuitry, the AND, OR and NOT Logic Gate. With a combination of these Gates any circuit can be produced.

XOR XNOR NOR ANSI Symbol's & Truth Table's

Although, above are some more advanced types of Logic Gates that can be utilized for certain tasks. That said the functions they serve can be accomplished with the above three basic gates (underneath the surface thats pretty much what they are) although having these specialized gates simplifies many common tasks.

Car Alarm Circuit

This is a hand drawn circuit and a truth table by its side representing a simple Car Buzzer. If the Door (A) is triggered (also known as High) and the Ignition (B) is on the Alarm (Y) will sound. Also if the Lights (C) are on and Ignition (B) is specifically off (also known as Low) the Alarm (Y) will be triggered.

This is a video simulation of the Comparator (above, and Title image) in action.

This was my pride and joy of the Unit, and also the Final Assignment task (of which I scored my first High Distinction) which is a circuit of a Traffic Light.

Traffic Light Efficiency Before and After Compare

Life of DevOps 😉

Traffic Light Efficiency Before

Traffic Light Efficiency After